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Welcome BMC Alumni

BMC established Alumni Office in November, 2012 to follow up the alumni before and after graduation

To sustain collaborative partnerships between the college and its alumni and provide job opportunities to all the graduates.


To foster strong mutual ties between the college and its alumni, and to create an effective alumni program that will serve the community

  • Proactively involves the alumni to the various programs and projects to raise the efficiency of the graduates to join the labor market.
  • Provide assistance to alumni, through various organized activities, to strengthen their employability.
  • Build a partnership with civil society organizations to help graduates to get jobs.

Alumni Services

1. Releasing Degree Certificates and Academic Transcripts. 4. Follow up the job and studies status of our graduates and the employers through surveys and analyze the results of surveys to develop and improve our graduates.

2. Stamping certified copies of certificates and academic transcripts.

3. Issuing Certificates of Good Conduct.

5. Updating alumni information, building a graduates database and coordinating with employers and Human Resources Departments to provide graduates with suitable work opportunities.

6. Coordinating with potential employers and providing them with lists of expected graduates.

7. Organizing an Alumni Reunion Annual Day in which graduates are invited to share their achievements.

8. Organizing workshops on "Job-Seeking Skills" such as C.V writing, job interviews, filling out employment applications and other skills.

9. Contacting the expected graduates through email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter.

10. Participating in the Graduation Ceremony.

11. Editing the alumni magazine yearly.

Alumni Career- test4 Progress

  • Abdullah Al Rajhi
    This graduate finished his degree and worked at some place smaller picture

Alumni Career-test5 Progress

  • Abdullah Al Rajhi
    This graduate finished his degree and worked at some place smaller picture

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